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The NEW Polu Hybrid Paddle from Puakea Designs.

  • Type: Double Bend Hybrid Paddle
  • Length: 47" to 52" (Custom sizes also available)
  • Width: 9.375" blade
  • Weight: approx. 18 oz.
  • Surface Area: 112 sq. inches
  • Color: Grey fish scale design with blue accent 
  • Blade Material: Carbon fiber with a Glossy finish 
  • Shaft Materials: Layered Poppler, Bass and Cedar* wood 
  • Handle Material: Poppler wood

*Cedar only available when purchasing through Puakea Designs 


Polu means "Blue" in Hawaiian. With a slate-grey fish scale graphic under a glossy finish, this design is best for paddlers looking for a softer catch on entry, but with significant surface area to firmly hold once planted. Polu features a rounded leading-edge design allowing a clean entry with less initial impact. The slight scoop towards the bottom keeps the water on the correct side of the blade without sacrificing an efficient exit. At the catch position, the double-bend oval shaft promotes a comfortable, loose grip and relaxed wrist.


HCRA approved conforming paddles.

Standard sizes: 47-52, Custom sizes: any size lower than 47, any size higher than 52, and half sizes. Select the correct size in drop down.

Polu Hybrid Paddle

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