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Hopu meaning "grab" in Hawaiian, this paddle is best for paddlers looking for a solid grab at the catch. Formally known as the "OC6 Hybrid" paddle, this paddle features a larger volume blade design with a double-bend shaft. The very slight scoop on the leading edge of the blade allows it to enter the water cleanly and with more width at the shoulders, this paddle packs a bigger bite at the catch than our original paddle. At the catch position, the double-bend oval shaft (smaller in diameter than our original paddle) promotes a comfortable, loose grip and relaxed wrist. The wood shaft is handmade.

Hopu Hybrid Paddle

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Hopu Hybrid Paddle from Puakea Designs.

    • Type: Double Bend Hybrid
    • Length: 46" to 53" (Custom Sizes Available)
    • Width: 9.4″ Blade
    • Weight: approx. 21 oz.
    • 113 sq. inches
    • Green accent 


    HCRA approved conforming paddles.


    Standard sizes: 46-53, Custom sizes: any size lower than 46, any size higher than 53, and half sizes. Select the correct size in drop down.

    Limited inventory in stock. 



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